President’s Speech (2023)

It has been 26 years since the founding of the Chiu Chow Benevolent Association in British Columbia, Canada.

The purpose we had, was to continue to spread Chiu Chow culture, connect with traditions and many more.

Therefore, Chiu Chow conversation and cultural interest classes such as calligraphy, painting, and tax lectures are held every year. Members and their families can also get together and join us on a one-day tour program which is also very popular with our members.

To encourage the children of Chiu Chow descent to excel in academics, the Association has set up scholarships; anyone with excellent grades and good conduct can apply.

In the past, due to the severity of the pandemic, all activities were suspended, and it was not until this year that things have gradually returned to normal.

For Christmas 2022 celebration, the Association held a Christmas dinner on December 10. There are many participants; from all three levels of political

leaders and community leaders were invited to attend. The program was interesting, and the atmosphere was lively. The guests gathered met one another and rekindled their friendship, fellowship and returned home happy.

For the convenience of the association to communicate with all its members and to update all activities organized by the association in a timely manner, the association has set up a new website, and you are welcome to take the time to browse and enjoy the different Chiu Chow cultural links. Also keep an eye on our Calendar of planned activities for our members through out the year.

Since we are nearing the Chinese New Year, I like to take this opportunity to wish everyone of you, good health, happiness, and safe travel!