New members are joining

CCBA is pleased to welcome 21 new members to our Association in 2023 to date.

Kindly refer all your family members and Chiu Chow/Teochew friends to our association, and to participate in CCBA’s upcoming monthly planned activities for all our members.

Please welcome the following new members :

1.Vivian Zhuang 莊曉爚
2.Wang Ching Cheung 張雲清
3.Mian Chen 陳綿
4.Qing Shuang Zhuang 莊慶雙
5.Po Chu Cheung 黎寶珠
6.Terryson Cheung 張耀強
7.Lily Cheung 張麗麗
8.Sammy Lee 李承禧
9.Joy Zheng 鄭毅
10.Sok Lee 李雪亮
11.Samantha Sam 許燕萍
12.Patrick Zheng 鄭振達
13.Jacy Sock Hui Lee 李雪輝
14.Bernadine Mei Heung Yung 翁美香
15.Lily Lai Lai Lam 林廖麗麗
16.Fong Keung Kenneth Lam 林方強
17.Fong Hung Lam 林方雄
18.Yuk Chun Chan 陳旭鎮
19.Ho Yi Angie Liu 廖可宜

20.Sok Lin Heng 王淑林

21.Yoke Ying Luw 劉玉英