26th Annual General Meeting ( AGM )

26th Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Date: SEPT 9, 2023 started 11:10am

Attendance: 40 Members

Highlights as reported by President Jady Lo and the executive Committee advising success in the following areas:

  1. New website : www.Chiuchow.bc.ca successfully launch Jan 2023.
  2. Resumption of activities organized by the Activities Committee.
  3. Silent Auction to raise funds from Art Pieces donated by Mr. Cheung On Teck.
  4. The proceeds from the sale of 13 niches were returned to CCBA from the original purchase.
  5. Membership: 3 new life members and 19 new ordinary members.
  6. CCBA BOD represented numerous functions organized by other Chinese Benevolent Association and local municipality functions.
  7. Donations received from numerous members and the Advisory Borad of CCBA.

Directors elected by ballots to serve for a 2 years-term (2023-2025)

  1. Al Cheng                                                5. Miew Leng Teo
  2. Anita Tang                                             6. Norson Tsang
  3. Lisa Tang                                                7. Sing Lim Yeo
  4. Margaret Cheung                                 8. Victor Lee

Directors elected at the last AGM of September 10, 2022, serving the term of 2022-2024 will serve out their term until 2024

9. Amy Chan                                                        13. Jady Lo

10. Anthony Chan                                              14. Mimi Hui

11. Sunny Cheng                                                 15. Po Chu Lee

12. Benson Lin   

The above 15 directors will serve on the 26th Board of Directors (2023-2024)

Meeting Adjourned 12.25 PM